FINEDNC does its best to be known worldwide for sincerity and the best technology developmentability.

We will be known as worldwide company by ensuring internal stability through core competence, securing the best quality and continuous productivity innovation through process technology, and providing differentiated service for customer satisfaction

FINEDNC A key goal


FINEDNC 6 Core values


Creating Customer Value _

  Establishing a system for taking prompt measures for customer satisfaction

  Connecting Systems for Customer Information(SCM)


Securing technology and developing new technology to reinforce business capability


  Reinforcing technological skills for design/process

  Reinforcing continuous investment for development of new technology


Complying with Quality Policy _

  Securing foreign competitiveness

  Seeking for customer satisfaction

  Executing continuous improvement



Complying with Environment Policy _

  Complying with all regulations related to environment

  Performing prevention of environment pollution and continuous improvement activities in the place of business

  Being well aware of environmental eco-awareness through education on environmental management

  Sharing development and result of activities for environmental preservation


Complying with Safety & Health Policy _

  Complying to domestic/foreign laws and regulations for safety and health

  Enhancing awareness of safety and health through promotion/education
of/on safety and health

  Removing potential risks of work in advance

  Have all company members participate in establishing a disaster-free workplace


Installing Education and Company Culture to Raise Important Personnel _

  Managing educational system for enhancing capability per position/duty

  Cultivate organizational culture capable of promptly taking measures on environmental changes

  Making six-sigma a way of life